Sunday, July 22, 2007

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Ok, you're getting it: a brain dump.

After 3 weeks in the "capital of the world" (yeah, some people have actually called it this) I've got tons of insights, playthings, thoughts, pictures, questions and lots more to blog about. And for the readers who want to read my stuff among other super-cool, thought-provoking reads, check out PSFK.

This post's title comes after attending the event above: a Pool Party sponsored by Helio. Hello iPhone, my name is Helio Ocean. Let the gadget games begin!

I met up with Johanna to soak up some heat and hang around waiting for music to play. Regarding Helio, I said it seemed that a lot is left to the imagination in terms of the information provided. The campaigns are definitely intriguing and cool > 2 elements crucial for planting idea seeds > but for first timers, ambiguity is a huge obstacle to overcome if the price tag is high. No?

And I love that the brand plays with the very famous and very successful I Love NY campaign. This is one of my top #10 campaigns of all time (don't ask me what the others are, I just know this one is up there). "I Love NY" began as a campaign for tourism (cool!) and sky-rocketed into a pride campaign for New Yorkers who wanted to show some luv. The campaign is now going digital with a new agency and direction. Saatchi & Saatchi will have to figure out how they're going to tell this fabulous brand story in a digital world. I hope the digital makes me smile as much as the T-shirts do.

One more thing, wherever you are, whatever you've got planned, put it down on your calendar to be at a Likemind next month > third Friday of each month at 8a around the world. Likemind celebrated it's first birthday on Friday, thanks to the creative, entrepreneurial minds of Piers and Noah. Thanks guys.

Ok, I'm done. Good night moon. Good night New York. Good night stars. Good night blogspot.


Balmule said...

Loved the closer to this blog; glad you have those memories!! From the West Coasties we ate fresh caught crab last evening from the river near the lighthouse. Knock 'em dead tomorrow Erinska!!

erin said...

Thanks mama. I'm glad you caught the closer. I couldn't think of a better way to tie in the story, but it worked, didn't it... :)