Sunday, August 12, 2007

dar! drat! er! ugh! Argh!

WHAT am I doing?! I'm SO busy that I can't post more than one day a week?! I'm f'n lazy. No, I'm just scatterbrained since I moved here. I need to get into a blog rhythm. I'm sorry blog buddies & readers, had to get that out... here are some pictures to make up for my absence:
  1. The Apartment is a design agency located in SoHo. I really liked their entrance.
  2. I'm a big fan of signs. I think a lot of planners are.
  3. I was very lucky to happen upon one of the renovated 7-11s for the Simpson's Movie on 42nd in Midtown. I saw the movie afterward: Hilarious! Check it out.
  4. Monday 8.6, PSFK sent me to the Sony Bravia shoot for "Clay."
Now, it's Sunday again: a day of rest for some, for others a day to get ready for the week to come, for me a day to dump all my brain feathers into a space that might make them more useful. I don't know what brain feathers are, but I'm thinking in terms of bubbles, tidbits, ideas and random musings: they're light, airy, fun to look at and touch. Blog on!

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