Friday, August 17, 2007

sacrifice for a job

I went to the NY likemind meeting this am > if you haven't been to one yet, please mark it for next month. John (met this morning) put it best: it's a place where you meet people you want to hang out with; planners are people you like to meet. :)

At likemind, the conversations are never forced; they're organic and real and creative. You leave feeling a world of possibility is at your fingertips. Thanks Piers & Noah.

I also met the girl behind the blog TheEightFold. She has had to make an important career/life decision that involves her incredibly thoughtful blog: Keep a blog or accept a job that the blog played a key role in obtaining. Makes me think about this blog and others. There a ton of planners with blogs who have both: a job and a blog. I see a blog as an opportunity to share and develop ideas. A blog is a new way of interacting with the cultural landscape. This is a landscape that a company may want to have a window onto instead of a playground within. I'm not sure which one works better in the long run, but I would be sad not to blog. Blog on!


johanna said...

Wait, why is it only one or the other?

erin said...

i think we have to acknowledge Company Politics as the decision maker here. Ergh. Can we say old-skool?