Monday, August 13, 2007


For my 100th post (and the crowd goes wild!), I'd like to share one of my planning mantras > maybe it will spark something new OR just pave the path for the next 100; whatever it's role, this is it:
  • Think ~ do the research, consider everything, gather all of the information, don't act hastily, take the time to process it all, plan.
  • Innovate ~ ask the right questions, push yourself and others to think outside the box, find the opportunities.
  • Do ~ be relevant with your strategy and approachable with your tactics, make your ideas actionable.
After reading reviews of the 4As Planning Conference (Piers, John, Gareth), the cloudy aftermath seems to be about these three words but in one word: activism. Give it a digital spin, and you've got social networking activism with an objective to do some green (by green, I mean for the betterment of society) thinking for mankind. Bruce Mau no doubt had something to do with this twist. Maybe his heroic optimism for the future of planning and design made the ad people with dollar signs in their eyes feel a pang of guilt. Maybe we're at the tipping point and the Earth has finally reached us with a call for help that's audible to our Gmail eyes and our iPod ears.

I don't want to get wrapped up in preachy paper, just wanted to put some words down here at post #100 to make note of when this came onto planning's radar and who's part of the conversation. I'm eager to see where we take this insight. Think. Innovate. Do.


Faris said...

rock on rin tin tin!

johanna said... !!

erin said...

looking to get involved as i type this, word.

Silvia said...

This post's reminded me of my time at Deloitte, whose mantra is "Think.Commit.Do".

I like "Innovate" better, though. Without meaning to take the "commitment" for granted, I'd say that my career change has a lot to do with going after another powerful ten-letter word: innovation :0)

Congrats, Erin! Great blog you have.