Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Likemind is here to stay

Conversations are happening everywhere; New ones are being inspired. Our questions are getting better. Our people are getting smarter.

Likemind is a present-day practice of these exercises. Noah and Piers have a mission: to inspire conversations worldwide. Just when you think it's working, you discover a pocket of the world where people ask: "what's Likemind?"

Just yesterday, I happened upon Fresh Meet via Gareth's blog Brand New (thanks for the find!). Hall & Partners, a research firm mostly fueled by plannerly types, has been inspired to create its own public, social-networking, inspire-new-thinking gathering. Gareth says it's going to be an evening discussion thing, which is a nice ying to meet the Likemind morning yang. Something for everybody.

I can't tout enough for gatherings of these sorts. Yes, it takes energy and an interest to get yourself there. Yes, you get out of it what you put into it. And if you haven't figured it out - no, it will not be boring.

Think of the conferences you pay for: Account Planning, PSFK, Influx Insights, TED, etc. These are (sometimes) 10x what a Likemind is, but they only come once a year. For those of us interested in more frequent outside-stimulation and networking in general, get yourself to the next Likemind por favor. If not for you, for the sake of conversation and the proliferation of ideas. Most likely, you will get something out of it too.
(intentionally, this post has a lot of links/threads to begin, just an example of a online-conversation that's taking place right here)

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Sean said...

Hey Erin, I totally agree with the need for outside stimulation. I applaud the likemind effort. And it's great to hear that you're starting something down there in Dallas.

To be honest I haven't got likemind going here becuase the busy minds behind it haven't responded to my request. Our coffee mornings are twice a month and they are a once a month thing. Maybe that's why I haven't got much traction with them. But no matter, it's just great to get folks together to chat.

At coffee mornings here I've found quite a mix of people. Usually we have between 6 and 12 folks from different areas of marketing. So it's not exactly a likeminded planner thing, but a slightly broader mashup. Always fun though. Best of luck.