Saturday, November 24, 2007

old but new, for me

Truemors is one of those sites that you've probably heard of, somewhere. Maybe you were reading a blog and they mentioned Guy. Who's Guy? Guy Kawasaki used to be the chief evangelist of Apple. Yeah, bite that one off and chew it.

Anyway he's a good guy. I've seen his name mentioned in circles with Bruce Mau via Piers. Truemors believes in something I believe in: the sharing of information. They call it 'the democratization of information' and they have a really good definition of a rumor:
  • from Rumor Psychology:

    “…unverified and instrumentally relevant information statements in circulation that arise in contexts of ambiguity, danger, or potential threat and that function to help people make sense and manage risk.”

But what really got me to write this post, was this:
  • We also acknowledge the pioneering and inspiring work of Fark, Twitter, BoredAt, Digg, PostSecret, PopSugar, and HotOrNot in this field.
These aren't go-by-the-wayside sites, nor are they everyday-Google types. These are innovative, artistic, save them as bookmarks now sites. When I saw this shoutout, I thought Truemors may have a wacky name, but they know how to admire and pay tribute to social movements; and in doing so, they might make one of their own.

to be noted: I have never heard of Fark (it's not news), BoredAt (anonymous thoughts) or HotOrNot (interesting that we can do this) to learn more now.

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