Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A hug to dedicated to bloggers

I'm sorry I have not written. It's weird in a digital world to apologize to no one but I think "no one"= anyone and everyone in the online world. I have not written in over a week mainly due to the "load of work" I have received offline. Is that an excuse? I'm not sure. I asked Cam today if he felt unhealthy because he also has not written in a while. He thought about my use of the word "unhealthy." You'll only get it if you're an introspective type, slightly introverted, maybe seemingly extroverted. Introverted people are not asocial, they just happen to benefit from introspection and time alone moreso than extroverted types (who rejuvenate via energy from other people). I think blogging is a great, underrated reflection period for introverts. :)

So this post is a tribute to my blogger community - you keep me going. Leland made a comment today about branding. He brought me new information (about Pirates no less, cool) and made me think. This is incredibly valuable to a person interested in new information, culture, and community. My busy lifestyle of late has not allowed me to check out my information sources:
Nor my culture sources:
nor my community sources:
So this is a digital hug to my community > the sites and friends I haven't been able to pay much attention to lately. The Internet thrives on attention (i.e. hits) for sites and content. I have not been contributing the share of energy that I want to lately. Sorry. :)

My question for you is: when do you blog? In a hectic schedule (i.e. 'real life'), when do you find the time to reflect and paste together a collage of your thoughts? Creativity takes discipline and dedication (and some good music and maybe a glass of wine). So high five, followed by a hug, for all of you dedicated bloggers out there. Here's to our next post; may it come sooner than we think. Plan on.


Cam Beck said...

Erin - Do you remember those old Tootsie Roll commercials. "Whatever it is I think I see becomes a Tootsie Roll to me?"

My life has gotten that way. Now wherever I am, I am always looking for something to bring to the blogging community. I can't tell you how many times I've lamented being caught without a camera, knowing that what I was looking at would make great fodder.

Now my wife tells me when she thinks something would be good for my blog. Luckily she has an iPhone, so we're able to take photos when we need to.

I do a lot of my thinking on the road... but I spend a lot of time on the road (about an hour to an hour and a half each way). And yes, I also listen to music and talk radio for something that will spark inspiration. :)

Becky Carroll said...

Great question! I get inspiration from customer experiences around me (see my latest post on how teenagers shop online for an example) plus stories people send to me.

I find it is sometimes easiest to blog a few posts at one time, then post-date the posts for later in the week. It helps to stay in writing-mode for awhile, plus I can focus better on the others days without stressing about getting the blog done! :-)

Keep it up, Erin!

BTW, on your MEEZ, is that you sitting on the floor with your laptop in a referee shirt? My whole family are soccer refs, including me, and the shirt looked somewhat familiar. ;-)

Faris said...

big hug back. kinda all the time - but mostly when i should be working.

NoillyP said...

Hey Erin. Like Cam I have a journey in and out to work every day which is great thinking/catch-up time. Don't know what I'd do without it to be honest. Have a great christmas :o)