Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Better Bag

I couldn't believe it either. What I really like about this bag is not that it makes me feel good about recycling, saving the Earth, re-using a functional item, or the cute color scheme and apple decoration; what I really like is that its message is information. The bag and brand (Whole Foods) is telling me what it is: "A Better Bag" and why it's good: "made from 80% post consumer waste." And it's informing everyone who happens to check my bag out. I am a walking advertisement.

Whole Foods has made it a point to push the envelope in terms of evolving everyday consumer recycling habits and awareness. The store has joined San Francisco and Portland, OR in banning the use of plastic bags.
"The reason for the change is preservation of natural resources ... Americans throw away about 100 billion plastic bags annually, 0.6 percent of which are recycled. It takes 1,000 years for a plastic bag to break down in a landfill, according to the Environmental Protection Agency."
PSFK did a great piece last summer about a $200 re-usable bag with sustainable style. Can we call "sustainable" a fashion? I'm starting to think so and for 99cents, who can beat it? :)


Cam Beck said...

If we can call sustainable a fashion, maybe fashion won't change so fast that we have to keep making purchases to keep up! :)

Bernadette Flannery said...

Does anyone know what company makes the recyclable bags from Whole Foods (with the apple design). Bernadette

The Better Bag said...

A Better Bag is not The Better Bag.
Please go to to see why.