Friday, March 28, 2008

It's necessary to blog

I haven't posted in a while. I'm just regurgitating these days; nothing new, nothing inspiring, no "ah-ha" moments. I'm losing my ability to process information. Gross, ew, icky, bleh.

At the highpoint of blogging, I could have had a conversation with Steve Jobs. We could talk about the magical world of interactivity and the future of technology. I could've jested with the best of them. Now, in my lazy, not-blogging world, I feel disconnected, slow, boring; and the worst is, I feel normal.

Inspired by two posts at PSFK (thanks guys), I think I might know why.

Allison says: We are learning to wield and access information rather than storing the minutiae in our brains. > her response to the many "iPhone moments" that are fast-becoming a part of everyone's day

And in Trey's post: We're in a culture of information overload and if we don't turn around and put out information then we can quickly lose our ability to process information. > his summation of why bloggers/new media are surpassing corporate/major labels in power and influence

The beauty of blogging is that it teaches you to process a lot of information fast. And as planners, that is our job: online and offline, we need to syphon it all to a single-minded (and hopefully actionable) point.

So with this in mind, that it's actually necessary to blog, I'm going to do it! I'm going to carve out time for it. I can't spend all day sifting and reacting; I need to work in moments to process and produce. And I already feel better. Yay for innovative thought! Thanks PSFK.

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