Tuesday, October 14, 2008

moving to a new blog

I have been pulled in many new directions lately and have neglected to give JPIA the love and time it needs to be the robust resource I so want it to be. I have struggled with this for many reasons, namely:
  • a blog helps me think through ideas and link them to new stimuli
  • a blog keeps me in touch with the World Wide Web and all of the new cool websites that people are having fun with
  • JPIA has been invaluable as a networking tool, a network I received much inspiration from and feel sad to have not been able to return the favor to in a long time
With that said, I have decided to consolidate my resources and time on a new blog to serve the functions above. My new blog will also provide me a comfortable link to my full-time job which I felt I couldn't do with JPIA because it was much more "me-centric" in nature. Culture Snack will be a collaborative effort with my colleagues to discuss the thoughts and questions we have about our experiences in advertising. I'm going to pair this blog with my twitterfeed. I think a blog for thought development and a Twitter for connecting will serve me well in my newly-busy bee world.

For JPIA, thank you for all you've done for developing me as the planner I am today. The support and advice I have received has been vital for my sanity and growth as an effective part of the the advertising industry, helping it to be better and stronger for a future of healthy consumerism and creativity.

Plan on.