Thursday, November 26, 2009

A new blog @

I've decided to graduate. Junior Planner I Am has been an absolutely invaluable networking and thought-development tool for me during the past two and a half years. In fact, in all of the response emails I've sent out to you regarding "how do I get a job in account planning?" I've said, start a blog - it is an extremely easy tool to use that will not only help you network but will help you develop your voice as a planner. As you try to get into the industry, you have to turn the discipline on yourself and differentiate your brand from all the other brands trying to get the same job as you. The focus of differentiation needs to be in how you think - how can you illustrate your thought process? How does it differ from the next person's?

Essentially, we all have access to the same information, so what's your spin going to be on it? As you think about your planning brand, keep this quote in mind:
"Creativity is essentially the combination of old ideas in new relationships." ~ James Webb Young in his book A Technique For Producing Ideas (1965)
It is with this in mind that I'm evolving my brand of ideas into a new blog to cover my love for social media, strategic marketing (planning), trends, culture, and some life along the way. :)

If you came here looking for advice on the question I address above, check out the category of links called "finding a job." And, as always, plan on.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

MYT 36 - Economy of Meaning

Our topic 2 weeks ago started out as “happiness,” and as we do each week, interns found a number of articles relative to campaigns talking about the emotional appeal of happiness in 2009. What turned up was an article that mentioned the evolution from the experience economy to an economy of meaning – a very interesting idea! So we’re writing about it this week in MYT 36.

It’s interesting to note that the two examples we mention this week are from the auto industry. Looking to revive the category, brands such as Ford, Mini, and Toyota (see the Prius’ page on Facebook for their “Random Acts) are focusing in the positive, the good, and the optimistic.

Also, for further support, is a research paper from the 4A’s published earlier this month on the subject of emotional vs. rational in advertising

As always, have a creative week!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What happened to connections planning?

A great presentation found on Ed's Influx Insights made by Jason and Gareth at this year's Planning-ness conference in San Francisco, rallied by Mark.

Some great points:
  • Where connections planning went wrong: we applied the lens of advertising (interruptive, message-based) to new media. We should apply the lens of new media (interactivity, iteratioin) to advertising.
  • We have an opportunity to rethink the value of connections planning. It's a new creative process, not an output.
  • Put human connections at the heart of everything, grounded in a deep understanding of what people are trying to do, what the brand is trying to do, and how people use media.
  • It isn't about digital, it's about planning for interaction.

Take a look through the slides for more, and take some time to reflect on the way you view the role of planning. Do we need to segment the discipline or should it just be the way we all think?