Monday, October 12, 2009

MYT 35 - Real-Time Search

Every week, a small group of us here put together a Trend Lab newsletter covering a topic we think is important to make the work more culturally relevant. This week's topic was real-time search.

Clients want immediate results. We try to pacify their desire for instant gratification by talking to them about the time and attention a strong brand deserves. But it seems that more and more these days, immediacy is more relevant than in-depth information. Only time will tell what wins; maybe it’s an effective combination of the two.

This week’s MYT talks about Real-Time Search – The trend of immediacy has inspired new search tools to help feed the frenzy – we want what we want, and we want it now! The Trend Lab forecasts that it will be no different with advertising in the future. In Show & Tell last Thursday, interns brought us articles that talked about a new retail ad service that would sync with inventory – if a particular product was out, it would yank the associated ads online – talk about real-time advertising.

A pretty interesting trend to watch out for.

Examples we mentioned included Collecta and Topsy.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

nailing down the objectives

prologue: the conversation will always run long and unfocused unless you set objectives first.

This morning, I was looking through my Twitter feed and was engaged by a comment from my social media friend @Kyleplacy, he said: Do you think the customer cares more about the experience of the purchase and not the purchase itself?

my first reactive reply was: re: customer experience - I think the purchase is their primary motivation but if the experience is good, loyalty will ensue

@kyleplacy: I think it depends on the product.. a high cost item will be more experience driven.. thoughts?

This was all via Twitter mind you. Then because it felt like we needed a more immediate way to communicate, we transitioned to gchat, and we discussed the following:

8:36 AM kyle: hello!
how goes it in wonderful TX?
me: cloudy with a chance of meatballs
8:37 AM me: an interesting way to start for sure
about the experience...
8:38 AM I think the "brand experience" is extremely crucial to nail down, but it's the product that attracts them to that experience
kyle: I would say it is the marketing that attracts them to the experience of the product
me: bad ads for jewelry, on the radio? I think it's a bad medium
for that category
kyle: I agree
it depends on the product though..
8:39 AM the shopping experience for a low cost shopper (WAlmart) doesn't really matter
they care tooooo much about the price
me: very true
kyle: but for a high end product.. the experience matters (marketing, store, employee) just as much.. if not more
me: but what would you sell in "an ad?"
the experience or the product?
8:40 AM you'd sell the product and make it an experience
kyle: you tell a story.. an experience.. that in turn sells the product
a product is just a product without an experience..
it is just another diamond ring..
me: right
kyle: or a car..
me: agreed
8:41 AM there are a lot of bad ads in this world
creating a brand experience definitely needs to be a box to check when creating a brand campaign
I think it may do more to differentiate your brand and raise awareness than drive sales though
8:42 AM kyle: amen erin.. amen
me: I think you have to ask yourself what the objectives are. and then create accordingly

All in all, a productive conversation. I think every goal you ever have should have an objective to begin with, an objective that solves a problem. What are you trying to do? What does the brand need? What need will it be satisfying? What do you want to achieve and what problem will be you be solving? - start here and I assure you the (brand) conversation, in whatever format (or media) you choose will be productive, efficient, and effective.

You can read more from Kyle's POV in his latest blog post: Diamond Marketing and Selling the Experience.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the future of search

This week, the Search Marketing Expo is happening in New York City. And there a lot of people tweeting about the topics and conversations, just check out #smx.

One of the big topics that seems to be coming out of the keynote this AM is the future of search. Check out Lisa's transcript of the discussion here.

We might have all heard the term “real-time search” but I think there are huge implications for the future – Twitter uses #hashtags to find relevant terms of what’s happening RIGHT NOW. Google Wave, I think will be along these same lines. The fact is, Google’s way of searching is a bit old-school now, we want more relevant data. This is especially true for brands that want/need to be relevant to the cultural conversation. How to be more timely...

Read more about the future of search in this great article from ReadWriteWeb.

And head over to Twitter to start following the hashtag #smx.

Happy Tuesday.