Monday, April 30, 2007

what type of planner are you?

GO HERE to learn more about connections planning and interactive strategy. Account planning is spreading its wings to encompass more than the ol adage definition.

I am trying to network with planners via their websites/blogs. Blogs are the best. Granted I have a lot of free time to donate to this relationship because I'm jobless. ;P

PLAN OF ACTION: find a blog, read it, comment on it, start a dialogue, call them to talk on the phone/in person, and see what happens.

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mike said...

Strengths and shifts in planning usually come from the UK so its interesting to see how that perpetuates in the US. I wouldnt go as far as saying that Account Planners are the umbrella in the current market. It returns us to the past during another big change in media (TV) when advertising agencies didnt make money from creating ads.(this is where the term.. medium is the message came from) They gave them away for free. They made money from the media bookings.
The role of creative dramatically changed showing the client that it was the message was most important and clients started paying for it. But now we are coming into another major evolution in media. Digital and fragmentation in general is scaring the crap out of everyone and clients want someone to explain it to them across everything. In comes the communications or connections planners and their importance will grow in the overall picture. Its not only where you put it. Its how a brand acts which is highlighted in where it is... to create that experience that the post goes on about. The way Nike acts with Nike Plus…. Sony with the Bravia website before it launched the ad etc. This is closely linked to what the brands are about that an Act Planner might create.
I believe in the end its a collaborative approach, where everyone crosses over a little but everyone brings a strength to the table. You will see a lot of media agencies in the UK and WW now have an act planner and a comms planner as combine heads of their strategy depts. Thats because it makes sense. Creative agencies are even trying to get comms planners back into the creative process (I believe this isnt so bad in the US). I have tried both comms and a little account planning… and we can use both. But really we should be working together. I hate having depts. It should as your blog says sharing the information ... sorry for the rant