Saturday, May 5, 2007

advice to junior planners

  • Look for 3 things in an agency: a mentor to spend time with you, work you like and admire, and the opportunity to do new business.
  • Bring your personal passions to planning ~ experiences are the coolest things you can bring to an agency.
  • Stay naive & curious; be comfortable with your inabilities.
  • Talk to as many people as possible. In this industry, it's all about timing.
  • Get good fast ~ work on good accounts and do good work.
  • Have a point of view.
  • You should be 'a little off,' not crazy, but different.
  • Love the human condition; be able to empathize with fundamental truths.
  • Understand business.
  • Develop your ability to inspire the creative mind.
  • Don't overthink things ~ planning should be simple.
  • And remember, a great idea can come from anyone no matter their positioin.

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LB said...

GREAT TIPS! I'm using all of these in my next interview. Also here are a few additions I think are also useful:

- Be open-minded. The last thing a planner needs to be is comfortable
- Constantly seek information inorder to expand your thinking as well as your perspective.