Tuesday, May 1, 2007

agency cliche

“The cliché in the ad business is ‘You’re a real agency if you have a car and beer.’" Greg Solman, AdWeek

I'd like to work on beer. Maybe I just drink too much, but give me a good beer and watch me sell the sh*t out of it. :) Beer is an experience to be shared. I'm not a huge fan of the cheezy Budweiser stuff or anything Coors has done. But there are a tons of other fantastic beers out there to be celebrated with a good campaign.

Cars...I drive a Mazda--a recent brand change for me. I drove a Honda, and my parents drive Fords. I love my Mazda and Zoom Zoom made an impression on me as far as creativity and emotion go.

Jr. Planners--get an opinion on these two industries. Have some ideas in your back pocket for when you join an agency and they ask you to work with a car or a beer, cuz it's probably in the cards.

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