Wednesday, May 16, 2007

play up the polish

I have no clear evidence to back this up, but I'm feeling it. I think there should be more ads for nail polish. I just did my nails and thought *i could be spending money at a salon right now but I'm jobless and I'd like to have nice nails.* How many people could possibly feel the same way (maybe they're employed) but they don't want to pay to have someone else do their nails?

Enter solution: Nail Polish! At the stores, the supplies are getting smaller and who can remember the last time you saw a polish ad. The big makeup companies probably want an idea to sweep this cosmetic back up into swing.

Pues (soooo), creative brief as follows:

  • Background: sales are declining, no affinity for one brand, big opportunity market, consumer need
  • Why advertising: for the above reasons
  • Who are we talking to: females who don't have a favorite routine with their nails; women (or men) who feel left out if they don't go to a salon; people to whom the word "manicure" is like manure.
  • Insight/opportunity: give yourself an appearance tweak; nice nails can be a BIG thing
  • What are the issues to overcome: not in the consideration set currently, maybe seems inconvenient and time-consuming,
  • Where product comes in: polish gives you "you" time [ok, it's a little weak as a USP]
  • Single-minded thought: polish
  • Personality: sophisticated, funky, empowering
  • Key relevant moments of interaction: home activities, office work, beauty/social occasions
we'll see...

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LB said...

Actually Ms. Erin, my former at a magazine publishing company and many of them being women's magazines, I've seen a lot of nail polish ads. I believe they only do print as showing people doing their nails online, tv, or radio doesn't really resonate well. Companies I've seen advertise are OPI, Essie, Creative Nail Design and Wet N Wild. I am an avid fan of doing my nails and I just did them power to the do it yourselfer!!