Saturday, May 19, 2007


just found a cool site guys ~ Webware: cool web apps for everyone.
this is it's little schpeel:
  • "There's a shift underway in how people use computers and the Internet. Every day more utility is being delivered over the Web. Software is becoming Webware."
it's hosted by cNEt, which is definitely a techy site that knows what it's doing. I don't consider myself very literate when it comes to technical gismos & vocabulary. but most of us should remember how big Sillicon Valley and Y2K were for our 80s born generation. It's taken me 12 years to be receptive to new tech knowledge and actually seek it out.

One of the interviews I had resulted in my materials getting passed on to the interactive division within the agency. Five years ago, I would have said "eh, no, that's ok." But I jumped at the chance, excited prematurely for getting more exposure to the digital world.

oh, and this is a pretty cool article on social networking sites by Green Toolshed.


Entius said...
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Greg said...

Doesn't take a lot to become "Techy" these days thanks to much more appealing and intuitive apps and hardware. Mostly its just getting over the fear and social preconceptions of being a "Techy". ;)

You have some nerd points I don't have, like a blog. :P Here's my timeline of computing...

For engineer nerds

For rich nerds

For nerds

For hip nerds

September 1999
Napster. Computers no longer for nerds. Nerds erect Sci-Fi/Comic/Anime fan conventions to keep normals out.

Glad to see you're coming around. Its time embrace your secret love for tech Erin, everyone deep down has their nerdiness be it history buff, gear head, gamer, health nut, art collector, music aficionado, Sports fan and so forth. I think I need sleep.

LB said...


No is a great website to bring you in gradually to the techy world. It's made for the female mind : ) (a.k.a. less techy words, more useful gadgets)