Wednesday, July 11, 2007

the customer's NOT always right

A MAS friend (thanks LB!) called today with the news: Sprint Dumps Customers. What?!?! In a period where customer-service is coming under the brand microscope, Sprint has decided to say: this relationship isn't working for me.

On one hand, I agree that a brand engaging in customer-service is half of the relationship. It's interesting to think about: What if customers had certain obligations to a brand/product, more than just pure love and loyalty? Sprint is putting it's feelings on the line sort of like a person saying, hey this isn't fair and I'm not putting up with it anymore.

On the other hand, what is Sprint thinking?!?!? In a period where most people would still mark "true" when asked if the customer's always right, Sprint has said it's not playing this game anymore. What are the rules of the new game? And if we wanted to, how do we play?

I think Sprint is taking a huge leap of faith. I'm also curious to know what Goodby added to this won the business earlier this year with "Sprint Ahead." Maybe Sprint thinks it can get farther ahead without the excess baggage (true) but does it know where it's going?

and interesting conversation to keep your ears open for...

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