Saturday, July 7, 2007

network like a fan

we are all familiar with myspace and facebook > but have you ever used these services to meet new people? and i'm not talking about sending to/receiving from users with butt/tits pictures looking to "hookup." I'm talking about legitimately finding new people to hang out with, talk to, and network with.

when i came to new york two weeks ago, my blog was a huge connector for me. it put me in a realm with other people who blogged, this provided a sense of community, and this enabled me to connect in real-time. Examples are: Adrian and Johanna.

some other networks to start utilizing are:
  • LinkedIn - you'll find a lot more professionals here, but hey, that who you want to talk to, right?
  • Flickr - if you like pictures, then find other people who like the same kinds of visual stimuli
  • Plannersphere - if you're a planner like i am, then join the "myspace" for planners, you'll find some heads/directors here and if you can chat them up, that's pretty cool
  • Likemind - if you like coffee and stimulating conversation early in the morning, connect here for a friday social warm-up
  • Meetup - have not used this one yet but seems like it's got a lot of potential
start connecting now! have a great weekend.


Silvia said...

Your blog is pretty insightful. Love your job searching tips ;0)

erin said...

thanks silvia. figure if i can help other people out while i'm helping myself out, then that's pretty cool. it's good to share information and ideas > i'm all ears for comments and questions.