Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New York, New York

I came. I talked. I'm back.

Interview today went great. My first round had been with the head of planning and one of the two planning directors. It'd been one of the most engaging and exhilarating interviews of my life. So I was excited to come back and talk with the next person.

I immediately liked Andrea > she was "alternative" from a clothing perspective > boots with socks underneath and a studded jean skirt. We clicked. But I "put it out there" that I'd clicked with people before and nothing came of it. If interviewing for a job is a numbers game then it seems I should have offers thus far. And honestly, I'm not happy about "selling myself" to everyone and anyone. I'd like to keep some integrity about the people and agencies I choose but...at this junior stage, I cannot afford to be picky. Andrea insinuated that our connection felt genuine to her too. She introduced me to some other people in the agency which always feels cool. I left feeling positive but am not holding my breath. Off to the next agency...

Plug time: GO MIAMI AD SCHOOL! While I was waiting for my interview, two MAS creative students came in the door: It was their first day! It was an exciting example of comradery and community. I was happy for them like I would be a child on their first day of school. I said "maybe I'll see you in there in couple weeks." THEN, after the interview, I called up my friend Julie who's working at Anomaly now (so f'n cool). She was one of the planning graduates in my March program. So if you're thinking of going to MAS...stop thinking about it. Do it > some wisdom brought to me by George a planner at AKQA when we met at likemind, NY.

My "little town blues" are melting away...

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dharmaDiver said...

yeah, it feels like home. how about you?