Monday, July 16, 2007

staying in touch with creative

As some of us might know from experience, creatives -those crazy people jumping around an agency like firecrackers, ideas flying out their eyeballs, minds wide open for the latest stimulus to grab their attention - they think different. They are the reason Think Different was created: "The roundpegs in square holes." They are vulnerable and need to be understood to produce their best work.

read about the Creativity top 50 here at adcritic. They are the innovators, the crazies, the stay-laters and the late-to-risers. They are the people planners/strategists need to work with the best; like one of those foam animal thingys you get in a toy store > give it the right environment and watch it form into something unique. Want to know how much YOU think with your right brain v. your left?

planners > think of someone you know who runs on his/her own creative mind > pick their brain, become friends with them and figure out how their mind works and when it doesn't, what YOU can do to keep it going. This is what we were lucky enough to be exposed to in Miami Ad School, x10 = they ruled the school and we came in like...where do we fit? We fit together but it can't be a forced relationship. It needs to grow organically and when it does, watch the work be splendid.

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