Tuesday, August 21, 2007

consumer generated content

We give them advertising and they give us:
#1 - "Whores"
#2 - Child: "Help" Father: "This is turning me on."
#3 - notice the line drawn on the tennis player, or maybe Chase bank wanted to emphasize the buttocks...?

Then there's this link to Blograffiti. The images drawn are repulsive & disgusting. Who draws these and why doesn't Blograffiti say anything about it?

I don't have much to say about this point, merely to note it and draw attention to the other side of cgc - the one where they add their thoughts to a message v. creating their own. I guess in a world of messages everyone's looking to make their mark (literally). In an industry that emphasizes "engagement" these days, I don't think this is quite what we're going for. :p

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Rachel said...

The blograffiti appears to be a better outlet for those wanting to tag something as compared to actually tagging the side of a building, trashcan, etc. I find the graffiti that you posted humorous. My favorite pointless graffiti is the vulgar cock and balls placed vicariously on posters, corners of buildings, bus stops, etc. We take life pretty seriously a lot of the time and all it takes to put a smile on my face is a primitive drawing of a cock and hairy balls. :)