Sunday, August 5, 2007

different media habits for different generations

Looks like we ALL don't use media the same! What a surprise, right? It shouldn't be.
  • Millenials - embrace new tech like instant messaging, texting and uploading their own videos to the internet. They are at the forefront of the social networking and user-generated content trends.
  • Xers - embrace digital video recorders and are the most likely group to watch TV-shows online.
  • Boomers - browse the web the most, still read newspaper and care about local news and weather content.
  • Matures - use the web for personal use and make frequent online purchases. They care about national and world news content in addition to financial information.


hidden persuader said...

Yes, indeed surprising, who would've thought ;)

LB said...

Hola mi amiga Erin, I forgot how wonderfully insightful your blog is...I just caught up to all your postings and I believe this piece of information was missing from the "what digital engages people the most." I feel while most consumers out there are attracted to the pretty designs and interactivity of a site (as 1st impressions are the most important) people stay and interact because of what the site is providing them to fit their lifestyles. As you can see from the chart, all of these lifestages listed were born in different eras and are still akin to their old habits, hence boomers still sticking to their newspapers as their primary source for info.

BUT what will be interesting to watch is what digital consumption will look like for generation Y and beyond. Gen Y has been the first fully immersed generation since they were born and it seems like they can't get enough. It will be interesting to see if segementation for the internet across generations will be driven by behavior/how people use the internet or types of sites they visit.