Tuesday, September 11, 2007

strategy takes the reins

  • "It's surprising to me how much opportunity there is to offer insight, whether it's helping [clients] to better target their existing customer set, or helping them with straightforward things like emerging media and social platforms," said Organic's CEO Mark Kingdon.

Organic announced it's starting up a strategy pracice > basically a consulting group to help clients understand what it is we (planner/strategists) can bring to the table.

  • "Historically, the weight was a lot more on execution, not strategy. It's a lot harder today. There's a huge digital connection strategy that needs to be considered with lots of touch points that have been considered individually but not holistically."
Touch points have to make sense and weave a trail for the consumer/customer/audience to find and opt-into. They need to make sense from one to the next, intriguing a consumer and sustaining that interest through to the point of purchase. THIS is strategy > how are all these puzzle pieces going to fit together. It's not quite a game of cat and mouse, fish & hook; it's more like planting a seed and making sure the environment is right for it to grow.


Ash said...

This is a key aspect for all planners to consider at the moment, especially those involved in the digital area. Although I think saying that somebody is just a `digital´ planner will not be a valid description as we are now required to understand how to plan across all touch points both on an offline. I think as planners we understand that the target audiences are spread across these varied touch points, now it´s just a matter of convincing the clients and hopefully Organic will help to do this.

Anonymous said...

It's important to remember that if you honestly pared down an agency to the essentials, you would have 2 positions; someone who finds the brand insight, concepts and then executes. And someone who manages the client relationship and sells the creative idea.

We should only add to this basic formula as a true need develops. Cross-pollination is essential, but redundancy is expensive.

A case can definitely be made for a Strategic Planner to help take some weight off of the first role, but after that, more roles gets bloat the process and are essentially just added fluff.