Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bluetooth: The Borg

A friend emailed the other day: I want a robot.

My first question was: Do you use the voice activation option on your phone or in your car? This was the only robot-esque behavior that came to my mind. I completely forgot about Bluetooth! (This guy to the left looks part-robot, no?)

It seems a design that all futurama enthusiasts and trekkies would love. I can see a fashion show now that molds metal-technology with livable, breathable nowadays comfort: here we have the latest cyborg fashion, technology that fits to your head, etc. Are we really watching two worlds come together? Is there a slow transition happening that some people are a part of and others are oblivious to? ARE WE BECOMING ROBOTS? or rather, ARE WE BUYING INTO ROBOT LIFESTYLES?

Or is technology becoming much "more convenient"? Is convenience really to blame (?) for these tech animals? Telecom is already a category, but have we ever considered one for robots?

Or maybe it's the Robot-Fashion one, like this guy: found via Stumbleupon in's Gadget category.

I need to know more about the positioning strategy of BlueTooth, but currently, I think they are Borg-like: just waiting to assimilate more people.

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