Tuesday, October 2, 2007

kid's advertising: Kandoo

For just $4.69 you can make wiping FuN! Kandoo wipes are flushable and smell like melon; Perfect for the kids!

Was watching the Biggest Loser (more on this later) and a surprising amount of kids' commercials were being aired. (based on audience demographics/psychographics...think about it; kind of interesting to think that the audience watching the biggest loser are parents, and not just parents, they are obese parents: what does that say between the lines?) Kandoo has a cute, playful, brand character that is geared to intrigue and excite children.

[Kandoo makes you think of Kangaroo, but the character is more of a frog creature than anything. I think some creatives were getting high or were tripping on acid; or maybe it was one of those genius word agencies that label themselves Verbal Identity.]

Kandoo is a brand available to help kids through their stage of potty training. On the website, you can click the character to hear songs to help kids master the toilet. And actually, now that I think about it, kids these days in their potty training stage ARE online, clicking around, going to websites, etc. I met a 5 year old who has her own laptop for crying outloud; so suppose this 5 year old is having problems in the lavatory > Presto, she's got a fun brand to access in her own time to help her in a fun way. Wow!

Kandoo maybe for You!


Omar Cruz said...
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Charles M said...

She has a laptop for crying out loud? Does a five year old need that? Why can't a five year old just cry without a laptop? And, who, exactly is this so-called five year old? Your imaginary five year old? Your inner five year old?

addie said...

You know who else uses Kandoo wipes? A house full of 4 post-collegiate men who like the idea of having something nice to wipe with. And it isn't too ridiculously indulgent because they are only using, what, four, maybe 8 (if they use twice the wipes for their business), wipes a day. A small price to pay for luxury - if you're a dude and only wipe once or twice a day.

These are people I call my friends. I sometimes do not understand them. But in this matter, I think I do.