Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bush: A dishonest brand

Spending our money, lying to the country, killing our people. What is the Bush brand thinking?
935 false statements will solidify its demise. No brand has made a return from such nonsense. Apparently:
The statements "were part of an orchestrated campaign that effectively galvanized public opinion and, in the process, led the nation to war under decidedly false pretenses."
A+ for getting campaign results. F for casualties involved.
This brand is not favoring well with the marketplace. Expect stock to plummet; Oh wait, it already has.


Balmule said...

What is good service? The server seems to care about your experience and how they can enahnce that experience. The CEO can't mandate an employee to give good service; well he can but it won't consistently work over the long run. Why should we give good service to others if we feel devalued ourselves? We don't think our government cares about us or others around the world, as they think we're to stupid to deal with the truth; we feel lied to, our employers don't care about us or why are they trying to always cut our benefits? Big business doesn't care about us or why are they shoveling poorly made products onto us while making huge profits, Insurance sompanies makng huge profits while cutting our coverage. We feel smaller and more insignificant. Why then should we care to give some good service when our families are without health care and the bank is forclosing on our homes after shafting us with bunk mortgage plans? We need to value ourselves and others, boycott companies who exploit cheap labor to make cheap products. We need to respect ourselves and raise the bar for what we will purchase. Stop the throw away mentality as it also translates to 'thhrow away society (people)'. Starbucks raised the bar here: the CEO cared about his employees, demonstrated that them had value by providing benefits for ALL it's employees (Wal Mart and MacDonald's doesn't), Starbucks values the opinion of ALL employees and by giving them value those employees feel like they arepart of the whole'; a partner. They matter, therefore this is why they care about giving the customer good service. This is why Wal Mart and MacDonalds will not prevail. We need to value ourselves and take pride in what we purchase and demand respect and boycott those practices which drag us down.

Cam Beck said...

I think it's fair to question the bias of the study, in its due course.

Some of the claims they're making are patently and demonstrably false.

Not only that, but dishonesty must be considered a separate animal than being incorrect, or even incompetence, if you can conclude that.

A lie requires intent. If I conclude something wrong but believed my statement to be correct, my statement is not a lie, but it may have been ill conceived.

erin said...

Mama - I think you have some great points. Mainly though, your support for Starbucks because they provide an environment to "be a part of" and to feel valued in is key. They are setting standards for the rest of the brands to live up to. I hope it works.

Cam - Agreed, being dishonest is different from being incorrect. But 935 times of being incorrect seems to me to take some intent to completely ignore the correct information. ???

Oh well. 2008 is here, it will all be very different soon.

Cam Beck said...

"But 935 times of being incorrect seems to me to take some intent to completely ignore the correct information."

Well... You're making three critical assumptions. 1. That the number being cited by a very biased source is correct, and 2. The correct information was available at the time, and 3. It was possible to know that information was correct.

Regarding #2 and #3, you forget that Saddam admitted to having WMDs in '91, and he never accounted for them, and in fact seemed to be intentionally keeping the information from the inspectors, all the way up until we invaded.

Also, there are several "facts" in the report that are flat out wrong, so I would question #1 as well.