Monday, February 4, 2008

stressed out (of a job)

Got this in an Iconoculture newsletter a week ago:

According to a Watson Wyatt Worldwide study, stress is the leading cause that prompts people to quit their jobs. Yet stress is not even among the top five reasons cited by employers, who instead believe insufficient pay is why people generally leave. is another great resource for more statistics concerning Americans and their workload.

Are employers really this out of touch with their employees?

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Jay, writer said...

Interesting piece of information. Maybe the employers are looking at things all wrong. After all, I know people who work for non-government organizations and they get little to no pay at all. It's all volunteerism. But they like it anyway. They stick to it because the cause makes them happy. Stress causes people to be unhappy about everything. From their job to the salary. Maybe if they weren't so stressed, they could look the matter of pay aside.