Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Reading Rainbow - things to read for planners

A group of us came together to share good reads and what sucks; and as a service to my digital community, I'm sharing them with you:

"One Great Insight is Worth a Thousand Good Ideas"
  • One important sentence in the whole thing: An insight states a truth that alters how you see the world. Something to keep in mind when we think we've got "it."
"What Sticks" - sucks, don't waste your money

"Made to Stick" - awesome, go ahead and spend

"Whoever Tells The Best Story Wins"
  • Explains different stories and situations. It explores the topic of "who am I?" and "the qualities I have Linkthat give me the right to influence you." Our objective should be to tell a story, not give a lecture.
"Culture and Consumption II" by Grant McCracken - pure awesomeness!

  • Explores and explains the power of brands: Once you're loved, you're ingrained in someone and are very hard to shake. It also does a good job of inadvertently touches on the role of planning.
"Convergence Culture"
  • It explores old media and new media coming together and how much consumer control is a part of the conversation now. This book was quoted as "fantastic and challenging."
"The Perfect Pitch" - Jon Steel, highly suggested all around

"Everything Bad is Good For You" - Steven Johnson

"Confederates in the Attic"

"Private Label Strategy"
  • Talks about how private labels are brands' arch enemies; is very consumer packaged goods' centric; and dispels the myth that we think private labels are cheap and generic.
"Any Wednesdays" - good coffee table book, by guys at DDB, isn't on Amazon (???)

Now go find yourself a cozy place and dedicate yourself to the first chapter and see what happens...maybe you'll end up reading the whole thing. Reading takes discipline. High five, you can do it. :)

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