Friday, July 25, 2008

Round up of cool

In the name of sharing information and fostering a creative community that gives/receives inspiration, these are some things I've found to be motivating lately:

Data Visualization a la Moodstream, designed by The Barbarian Group, Moodstream is a visual brainstorming tool, sort of like a mindmap only with images, but then it's got a GPS-like navigation tool with which the user determines where he or she will head to next. Pretty cool. And FYI, one of the smartest kids around, Noah, has become a Barbarian, so expect to see lots of smart strategic solutions happening there.

Twittervision - the local version. Because I am relatively new to my city, I'd like to see what other people are up to in real time. This seems like a much more indirect way of meeting cool people and finding out about new things vs. messaging a complete stranger on Myspace or reading the poorly laid out local alternative weekly. Tweet away!

Buzz feeds - literally you can go to and see what's popular OR Yahoo! has user-friendly version called Yahoo! Buzz. And at the Likemind this month, someone mentioned MetaSpy but...I'm not getting anything when I click through on the MetaCrawler website...anyone else?

Enjoy some tools!


Kyle Studstill said...

I'm loving buzzfeed, I've been looking for something to fill the time between Springwise and PSFK posts.

Twittervision local is great for random conversations and is for sure interesting - but as far as being new in a city, do you know of Yelp? I loved it for finding some interesting things while out in San Fran a short time, but having just moved into a new city I've found it invaluable.

noah brier said...

:) thanks