Friday, January 16, 2009

a digital mindset

Just saw this from Mark Earls on Twitter:

absolutely convinced that there's a digital mindset; one of sharing and altruism.. staggered by how few people have it

The capabilities of the web enable us to share a lot more; and one the one hand, it puts us all on the same page, while on the other: it helps us to see who's not. Or maybe it comes back to the simple awesomeness of the phrase two heads are better than one and the individuals in the group collective know that the possibilities are endless. Or we could look at Mark's more scientific reasoning behind social media:

it connects people to each other and that allows us to see each other (which you will hopefully remember allows us to emulate and thus drives the spread of behaviours and ideas)

what do you think? And how will we see this "digital mindset" evolve in 2009?

at likemind this AM, we discussed the topic of transparency and social media/networking with these conclusions: there needs to be a parallel category of "virtual life management" tools that become available, helping people translate their offline behaviors into an online on-all-the-time identity. I don't know if Mark's point of being "good" is inherent moreso than it's a by-product of transparency.


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