Thursday, February 26, 2009

I.I. with brand management

A couple months ago, I asked a brand manager if I could take them out for coffee and talk to them about brand management; informational interviews have always been a favorite activity of mine to find out about occupations - so even though I'm employed here, I still wanted the I.I. structure.

Specific questions turned into conversation, but here were three answers that stuck out:

Q1. What is your role within the client team?
To represent the client to the agency; handle the majority of communication between the agency and client; determine the appropriate resources; handle billing and time.
Q2. How do you work differently with media, creatives, and planning?
In terms of relative power with the client - creatives, brand planning, media. There's an opportunity for each discipline to have a partnership with each other: Some of the best people in media still bring ideas to the table even though they know the client will ix nay their idea.

Working with senior planners, they're partners in strategy and coming up with marketing communications.

Working with juniors, it's about managing details and helping with the research.
Q3. What are some characteristics I should work on developing to set me up for success?
Be smart but in a humble way; use the Socratic method to lead folks

No whining - "that's not my job" doesn't fly

Be curious, always want to know more, push it further

Verbal brilliance defines a planner - the more interesting you are, the more you will be valued

Make yourself top of mind - stop by to talk to people, remind them you're here

Fight for the resources you need. If you don't have the depth of information you need to write brief, then say so!

Develop your presentation skills, have a style, seek out opportunities to speak and have an audience


sagacity said...

Hi Erin

I came across your blog from a search I did on Miami school a few months ago and I like what you have to say :) I have a growing interest in planning, and I'm thinking of attending MAS. I've got a few questions. What are the benefits of attending the bootcamp for account planners? In what ways does the school aid in getting you a job? I'm looking for a job in planning and wondering if I should 'equip' myself with some training from the school.



Stephanie Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing the conversation with your colleague. I really liked the whole thing, but most of all, I found the 'success' tips useful. They're all things I'm working on, but to hear it from someone else makes me want to work even harder.