Monday, April 13, 2009


WOW! I was the 999,999th visitor at GameTab. I WoN! I can't wait to click the button to claim my totally, awesome, prize!

Do ads like this really work on a majority of the population? I mean, come on, I'm at GameTab, I'm a smart, savvy consumer looking for more information, not looking for diversion or some classless ad shaking in my face.

Irritated these ads exist.

Where was the planning? :)


Crappas said...

I guess there wasn't any planning at all!

These ads tend to put visitors off easily. It would be in the site's interest to not have these at all.

It's fun to think of them as remnants of the early days of the internet, before scams etc... came into light. People were still fascinated by the internet and would have clicked on these 'shakies'. Even if they did not fall for the trick, the click-throughs would've totalled into a number which one could have been able to show off to one's client.

Great blog btw... I especially like the advice to planner hopefuls

erin said...

Thanks for the feedback! Man this ad is awful. It makes me nervous and tense just looking at it. It makes me feel like a virus is just a click away.