Sunday, May 3, 2009

Capturing Conversations: the future of customer service

With all the talk of Twitter being a customer-service platform (among other things), I'm curious to know how this dialogue of sorts (in 140 characters or less) will affect what we've known to be "customer-service" - you call some 1-800 number on a website or on the back of a direct mail piece, then get re-routed through various robot-operated loopholes in the system and maybe, just maybe you'll end up talking to a real person about your issue. I can say with full confidence, this is not the best we can do. So, what can we look forward to in terms of customer-service in 2009?

"Customer Service is the New Marketing"

The smart brains who put this together are Thor Muller & Lane Becker, the guys behind - people powered customer service for absolutely everything. Getsatisfaction is getting it right, but if it was created in 2007, what has it inspired CS (customer-service) to be since then?

An open, transparent, and public conversation. Think about blogs. When one reader/customer/user leaves a question in the comment field, another reader/customer/user may respond with an answer, leaving the original blog author to benefit from their discussion. Think if this was a brand who was able to facilitate as well as witness this conversation - not only is this FREE feedback, but it encourages brand loyalty by being transparent, offering up dialogue, and providing timely and direct feedback.

The future of customer service is about capturing conversations. Go get 'em!

[feel free to read more on why Get Satisfaction rules]

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