Sunday, May 17, 2009

Twitter stats

Oh you, blog, every time I find you and come back to post something, I feel like I'm re-discovering you all over again. I'm glad I have you. :)

My post: Twitter stats.

Currently I am following 150 people, some of these people include: @herdmeister (Mark Earls), @Kotaku, @kylecameron (Kyle Studstill), @iconoculture, and @chr1sa (Chris Anderson)

222 people have decided to follow me. This feels good. To have a community 222 strong means I bring "value" to a large group of people on a pretty regular basis, and this number is only going to grow.

I have almost updated my Twitter feed 400 times (currently at 390). Wow. This feels like a ridiculous amount of Tweets, and to the people who don't get this service at all, it would seem uber ridiculous. But I think these numbers are all good ones.

I feel like I've made some new friends on Twitter. Again, the people who don't get Twitter would be laughing their a**es off if they read this. They don't get it, this Twitter gig; and honestly, after reading about the guys who started it, I think they're a bit surprised themselves, but I think only good will come of it.

What do you think?

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Kyle Studstill said...

I'm quite honored to be mentioned here!

I spent a long time trying to really get Twitter - I qualify for the "early" part of 'early adopter', but not quite the "doing it right" part. I ran into TweetBook the other day, which gives you a pdf archive of all your tweets, ever. Truly nostalgic - it reminded me that while I certainly made an effort to make my occasional tweets a collection of semi-insightful thoughts, when I got my first follower about a year ago it changed everything. It's when I first started to understand the power of Twitter as a way for me to interact with people I never would have known otherwise.

"Why would you want strangers to know what you're doing?" seems to be the question a lot of people struggling to 'get it' have - but I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks for sharing such great thoughts and finds!