Monday, April 23, 2007

advice from Steve Le Neveu, Publicis - West

How did you get to where you are?
  • I started our on the client-side. It's a fairly common way to do it ~ move on up by way of account management.
What is planning to you?
  • Creating is a process. Planning is responsible for creating the environment where that idea can bubble up. Planning is a catalyst process.
Awesome quote:
  • We're not so much ad agencies anymore as we are idea agencies. (yes!) ...ways of connecting people to a brand, how you can create a more interesting brand experience, and how you can draw consumers into the development of that experience.
What a personality characteristic you look for in a junior planner?
  • I look for people who are smart and interesting in non-generic ways. Planners need to know how to ask a smart question.
Do you have any warnings for newcomers?
  • Don't be a smarty pants (yup, he said it). You want to be smart but you don't have to tell people you're smart.
Advice for breaking in?
  • It's not easy (I KNOW!!!). Getting in through account management is a legitimate way to go because you've learned something about how advertising works and you get to be connected to strategy. Media is a little tougher, but still ok. Just make sure people see you have a planning brain.
Tips for my resume?
  • References are always good, maybe attached to the resume; just a couple people saying this person is X, Y, and Z.

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LB said...

what an awesome blog! This will be my required reading daily. Simplistic yet well thought-out. Such a planner....I'm continuing my blog today just because of YOU!