Monday, April 23, 2007

qual/quant experience

We've all heard it before: do you have any experience with research? And the answer from now on, should be YES!

I got a call last week from a recruiter in NYC and she asked me the question. I hesitated and sputtered out "yes, well, I know what qualitative and quantitative are as methods and blah blah blah." Next time, I will be more sure of my experience.

So, for the record: you do have experience.

Qualitative ~ have you ever had a 1 on 1 interview with someone? A conversation where you learned something about the other person/party? Have you ever talked to an expert about their certain area of expertise? THEN PUT IT ON YOUR RESUME!

Quantitative ~ ever passed out a survey to more than 1 person? ever done a survey online and gotten back results in percentages? sound familiar? PUT IT ON YOUR RESUME!

Also, if you're in the interim period between jobs or looking for that ONE (i'm there with you), find a research group you can work for on a project basis. Learn how to write a questionnaire; learn how to recruit these consumers; get exposed to this process.

good luck. *share ideas*

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