Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Jonathan Schwartz has deemed this era The Participation Age ~ "an open and competitive network fuels growing opportunities for everyone to create value and independence. If the Information Age was passive, the Participation Age is active."

Be Active. PWOW (planning words of wisdom): find a group to brainstorm with, invite marketing/advertising/business profs to join you...

I was invited by the fabulous Lynette Xanders - a contact I have from an informational interview years ago - to attend a CRANK session at the Doug Fir Lounge yesterday. Nine marketing professionals & one junior (that'd be me) had the task of creating new tagline ideas for two clients Lynette was working on. It was an exercise for us all to discuss new ideas and be vulnerable with our own creativity.

It was great to make new connections and have a chance to play over some beers with real-world advertising people.

"It's a playpen for the industry's finest creative thinkers. A venue to let your talent run amok and divine ideas that make your toes curl. It's about ideation. And having fun with it. And drinking cheap beer with like minded souls who want to drive faster. Or even fly. In the land of the elusive right answer - and creative people - more is always better>>>>"

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