Friday, April 20, 2007

it's all about luck

Finding a job isn't about timing. "It's all about luck," says Andrew Campbell, a planner at Carmichael Lynch. He was a graduate of the SF Miami Ad program and says "I was lucky."


USAToday says it's got nothing to do with the 4-letter word:

"It's all about perseverance, not luck. Every once and a while I come into contact with someone who has come to understand that your thoughts, feelings, and actions — not luck — create your reality. And when these things are understood and put into practice, magic happens.
The magic in life occurs when we put action behind thoughts and feeling and believing in ourselves."

I'm looking for magic.

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johanna said...

This reminded me of a post Pak wrote a month-ish ago here. Very thought provoking, and... he has a point. Especially to people who have been in NY for a while ;)