Wednesday, April 18, 2007

new media, baby boomers and design

Ok, no lies, but one year ago I wrote down some trends I thought were interesting and cool:

  • non-traditional media
  • a focus on baby boomers in advertising/messaging
  • more emphasis on the experience of design
  • more brands taken through to the consumer level via customer-service
And what do we see happening NOW?
  • New media: postcard flyers, cellphone texts, craigslist, etc.
  • Cadillac's new campaign targeting the second wind the BB generation experiences
  • Agencies like Anomaly, understanding a brand experience holistically through design.
  • customer-service is the tortoise....looking forward to upcoming enhancements HERE.
and one more trend that is developing: latino marketing. I love this quote from the Director of MarComm at the Hartman Group: "Anyone can sell product - people are looking for an authentic shopping experience." (think design again, yeah!!!)

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Laura said...

I'm excited to be your first commenter : ) As for customer service, look to jetBlue, Apple, Starbucks!!!!

I hope this helps!