Wednesday, April 18, 2007

you need to be a salesperson

We need to sell our strategy. As clever as it may be, it needs to make sense to the client as a solution to his business problem. We cannot get lost in creativity. Some wise advice...

When I was a salesperson for Smooth Jazz radio (gag me), I didn't so much get the sales-part as I understood how businesses discriminate between media. Radio is cheap compared to Outdoor, but Outdoor is SO BIG. And come to find out, the size (literally) of a message can deliver real results more than we'd like to admit.

As I'm pitching MY new business (myself as a junior planner) to ad agencies and planning directors now, I need to keep this in mind: I am a salesperson; remember the Power of 3; and repetiton does work. My plan of action should be email-phone call-email.

Oh entry-level planning positions, where are you?

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