Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Miami Ad School

The Account Planning Bootcamp was fast-paced. We had a project each week for which we had to incorporate each week's learnings to come up with an awesome creative solution to a business problem. Each teacher emphasized a different aspect of planning in order to give us a holistic understanding of what we need to do.

Jen Urich - pay attention to a mindset/lifestyle
Jamie Webb - be innovative with your creative solutions
Kerry Stranman - you've got to be a people's person
James Fox -put your strategy in context for a new business pitch
Marta LaRock - dig deep, listen and ask good questions to find your Gold Nuggest insight
Domenico Vitale - think about the experience of a brand; how will it change behavior?
Eric Bruno - you need to have a toolbag to tap into your creative-side
Christopher Owens - Play with the creatives; get excited about the process



dl said...

oh my. systematically breaking down each proprietary strategic planning process and extracting from each industry veteran, a single clear and cohesive idea that resonates with innovation and subsequently invokes original intent with over 95% accuracy.

you my friend are a steal!

Courtney Kuehn said...

how # briefs did you get to tackle? 10? we only had 4...

"what?!" i know...

erin said...

Courtney > I think we had 8. We were definitely busy. :)