Friday, May 11, 2007

carbon footprints

Inspired by my beautiful friend Rachel, we need to be more aware of our harm to the environment. We can do something, little things add up to be big. I'm going to learn more. This is a start.

What are they? What can you do? (Oregonian)
  • Every company has a carbon footrpint - carbon dioxide emissions it creates through manufacturing and energy usage.
  • These companies hire a carbon broker to calculate their carbon footprint. Based on this calculation, the broker buys carbon offsets, or credits, on the company's behalf.
  • These carbon credits pay for projects that reduce CO2 emissions.
The article says more and more companies are taking up the fight against these greenhouse gases that are harmful to the environment and the atmosphere. "[Efforts] will create a stronger brand and broaden consumer love while doing right by the environment." COOL!

Green tags - (besides being a trendy named thing) are a type of offset that present investments in renewable projects such as wind and solar energy. Carbon Fund is a non-profit dedicated to cost-effective solutions to reducing your carbon footprint. They put money into renewable power, energy efficiency and tree-planting projects.

Sustainability is a big trend my friends. Jump on the bandwagon now and get ideas for making the brands you work with more environmentally-friendly. It will be a top notch way to differentiate your brand and company, and will tell customers "you're walking the walk."

Tom's of Maine began purchasing 100% renewable wind energy in February 2006. "Carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 1.5 million pounds per year -- the equivalent of planting 214 acres of trees or removing 138 cars from the road." SHARE INFORMATION.
For more information on sustainable practices, check out the Sightline Institute in Seattle.
Buy your own carbon offsets at Carbon Counter.
For ride-sharing/carpooling info, check out
There will be more to come.....


Greg said...

Green tech is in. If I had a ton of venture capital to invest, I'd pick green tech and genetics as the future money bins.

Best place for Green tech news.... of course its!

Rachel said...

Great job on getting the word out, sister. See you this weekend! Ciao,

Oakie said...

I am wondering, will we have a carbon planner in the future?

Anonymous said...

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