Monday, May 14, 2007

moving for a J O B?

does the city an agency is in matter to the creative work that gets produced? this is a question i have on my 10 to ask in an informational interview. And I'd like to think the answer is yes.

i got the following from an adweek article describing Chicago's need to revive it's ad scene.
"New York is the center of the global advertising world. Los Angeles boasts world-class production capabilities. Outposts like San Francisco, Portland, Ore., Minneapolis and Miami lay claim to some of the industry's best talent. But Chicago's historic ability to tap into the heartland values of Middle America, most typified in Burnett's whimsical doughboy fetishism, now seems like an anachronistic throwback."

The cities I'm most interested in because of their blend of culture, music and the arts are: Boston, LA, and New York as far as agencies go. The question I ask myself is: if i lived there, would i be able to get a job easier than if I attempted to get one at a distance? hmmm...

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