Wednesday, May 30, 2007

consumer analysis Part 1

This is my bathroom line-up sort of clumped into stations. I'm not really sure what this says about me as a person, but thought it would be a neat brand/ethnographic experiment.

What do these brands mean to me?
Gucci - high-end, i like that it's in my product line-up, but the quality of eau de parfum is not as strong as others. This particular Gucci product seems like they're reaching into territory that maybe they shouldn't be. (my roomie's cat's name is Gucci)
Origins - knowledgable beauty, it seems very natural. I like that i have an origins product. Shopping for an Origins product is a neat experience. They seem to do a lot with in-store atmosphere.
Ponds - feels sort of old-school and 'by the book' but it's a moisturizer that works with my skin, so why mess with it? My sister who has tossed around working for PETA doesn't like that I use a Proctor & Gamble product.
AVEDA - love this! I think this is a great brand with smart business practices. they do a lot with brand experience --buying up a whole salon AND the products all smell awesome in a natural essence sort of way. Although, they're on the high-end, it's worth it for the fragrance and feel.
Tom's of Maine - feels hippie-ish to me, but I prefer neutral to artificial when it comes to raising my arms. Plus, the company seems compassionate for the earth and that's cool.
Johnson + Johnson - floss is an interesting product. There's a lot of variety out there and if you're going to do it, it should be enjoyable. I like this product. But the brand does nothing for me...well I guess it reminds me of when I was little, i can trust this name.
Arm & Hammer - this is a diversion for me in the circle of friends & family I have. I tried it one year and loved how it made my mouth feel. I grew up on Crest (dad still uses it) and feel that A&H gives me a less sugary experience. Plus, the kind with baking soda and peroxide foams in your mouth which is sorta fun.
Oral-B - a little like floss, you should enjoy holding and using your toothbrush BUT i also think the toothbrush category is saturated with choice. My dentist once said 'don't go for hard bristles,' so i try to buy soft when i do, but... i feel like i'm missing all the information i need to make an educated toothbrush decision, so i shop around.
ProActiv - i don't really have to say much here, because if you're tried it, you know it works. I've been using this product for 2 years now and i'm hooked - i trust this brand. And they worked hard to make it into people's lives. This is a true infomercial & mall kiosk success story.
Vaseline - i'm not really sure what categories this brand dabbles in, but i bought the lotion because it was cheaper than other AND i liked the neutral fragrance it has. The lotion category seems to have high-grade (really does moisturize) and low-grade (put it on but evaporates or something). Vaseline if pretty good quality for the price: I think we call this value. :)
Sinclair & Valentine - i didn't even know this was the brand until i looked today! what a weird name, maybe wants to be another Johnson + Johnson... i bought this on a mission one day. it was winter and my feet needed some love. i found this product sort of hiding on a bottom shelf in the "shower isle"? It seems this place in stores can be related to the hair accessories/products isle where choice is plenty and everything's fun to look at and touch. It seems underplayed though in general.

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Sam said...

I'm sorry but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna copy this and see what my stuff says about me. An awesome post!