Tuesday, May 29, 2007

National Yogurt Association

was checking out my Activa container this morning and saw "meets national yogurt association criteria for live and active culture yogurt." Who knew there was such an organization?! crazy!

anyway, decided to investigate a bit, and apparently they have a whole website About Yogurt. i don't have any other cool stuff to say about yogurt right now, other than I enjoyed my little cup thoroughly this morning for breakfast.

just an FYI post.

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Greg said...

That reminds of the book, Tipping Point, by malcolm Gladwell. There's a segment all about "Mavens", those who specialize in knowledge and dispense it. He cites soap having hotline numbers, and how un-useful they are too 99% of the world but for those who soap is their thing, they are the key to interacting with the soap maven. The crazy person whom dispenses knowledge about soap to a group of friends.

I have both Tipping Point and Blink the Power of Thinking without Thinking in iPod Audiobook format if you'd like. They're totally up your alley, just e-mail me about them.