Monday, May 28, 2007

thinking different

"i wasn't pushing you away, i was pulling me toward myself."

i stole the quote above from someone's myspace page. i like it. the problem with it though (dar, problems) is that even though the person speaking says she isn't trying to offend the other involved character, that's what they took from it. the lesson here is to think different but make your thought process accessible to others. make your thought process juicy and engaging and that others want to get involved. that sounds fun...doesn't it?

now, searching for a job, i'm looking for the right fit, not looking for a job, but looking for a situation.

David Terry with BBH said "planners should be a little off." Quirky is ok, but what (i think) he means is 'think different.' I wonder what Apple meant by this tag...

*picture from Jennifer Coates: 'master of the incidental moment' (pretty neato, says me.)


LB said...

it looks like a super yummy sprinkly donut waiting for me in heaven

erin said...

yeah, i sorta thought it looks like a sprinkled donut too....hmmm, lunch time!