Wednesday, June 6, 2007

assignments on the web

if you surf, you will find.

Over at Influx just now, I found a sweet new way to get involved, network AND add some work to your portfolio along the way. It's by Wired (good job guys!) and it's called Assignment Zero, check out the newsroom for what's going on. This is a little bit about how it works:
  • "Once you've picked out the work you'd like to do, simply visit the assignment's reporting page by clicking on the assignment. The reporting page is your temporary workspace. There you'll find everything you need, including a way to save your draft or file your reporting; a collection of others' reporting; the option to check in with the editor; and a discussion thread about the assignment."
Another option for work online can be found at Russell Davies' blogsite. It's called the Account Planning School of the Web. He posts assignments and then gives feedback. Awesome! It's great because it's work that makes you think, and you get feedback to make it better AND you get to network via blog-style. With all-in-one you can't go wrong.

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