Thursday, June 28, 2007

do you know your Meyers-Briggs typology?

I was asked this at an interview in New York and quite frankly, off the top of my head, No i don't.

I've taken a number of online quizzes, Meyers-Briggs being one of them, but damnit, it's not on my resume. thinking now...maybe it should be. I took the test when I got home. I am an "ENFJ."

Extraverted is an attitude. I draw energy from action. If I'm inactive, then my level of energy and motivation tends to decline.
Intuitive is an irrational/perceiving function. I trust information in a more abstract or theoretical sense, whether or not I can associate it with other information I have.
Feeling is a decision-making function. I prefer to come to decisions by associating or empathizing with the situation (i.e. putting myself in the other person's shoes).
Judging describes how I like to get things done. I prefer to have clear plans and do not like to be distracted.

The personality test I could recall I had taken was my personalDNA. From an earlier post, I am an Animated Creator and that's pretty cool.

Belbin (first name Meredith) has 9 team-playing roles you want want to be familiar with as well:
  • 3 Action oriented team roles – Shaper, Implementer and Completer Finisher
  • 3 People oriented team roles – Co-ordinator, Teamworker and Resource Investigator
  • 3 Cerebral oriented team roles – Plant, Monitor Evaluator and Specialist.
knowing who you are and what personality you bring to the table will benefit YOU and the company you're interviewing with. good luck!


johanna said...

i'm not too far off from you, i'm an INFJ :)

Greg said...

ENTP. I took the Meyers Briggs test in a class. I was the only ENTP, and the teacher made special note of it as its rather uncommon. According to wikipedia 3.2% are ENTP but only 2.4% are ENFJ.

We're oh so different than those ignorant masses.