Thursday, June 28, 2007

interactive planners, where are you?

Interactive planning, throw it in the growing mix of "types of planners" along with connections planners, insights planners, communications planners, engagement planners, etc. It's here to stay. It seems to be a lot about the consumer's experience.

this blog's title came from a search led by john keehler (he blogs) with Click Here the interactive division of the Richards Group in Dallas. he posted his search on the plannersphere > one would guess (at least i did) that the response would be ginormous/endless/exhaustive...nope.

what's going on with the digital sphere? and why aren't more people grabbing at these opportunities? this is the future and if you can get yourself in, i say DO IT!

I talked with R/GA in New York and found that their planning department is only two years old. Wow, young blood with immense potential. "It's about showing people the value of planning and re-defining new places," said Anne Benvenuto. I was extremely impressed with their vision and energy for the future.

just reading the iPhone's latest press (thanks greg)- "a new media frenzy" needs planners to navigate virtual worlds, viral videos, content aggregation sites, blogs, changing search engines, etc.
Advice: educate yourself on digital strategy, have ideas, get your foot in the door. The future is now.

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Oakie said...

I agree with you. The future is here. I am really curious about what interactive planner should know about.